Role civil society democratic sustainance nigeria

Diversification of sources of funding through creative revenue generation activities. Effective media practice thrives on the basis of service in a candid and polite manner.

Speaking about organisation, Pastor Bakare said; "the SNG is a non-profit society organisation committed to creating a political environment that guarantees only the best, brightest, fittest and most competent Nigerians are democratically elected into public offices, Role civil society democratic sustainance nigeria by a credible constitution that promotes and protects the rights of every Nigerian.

In this way, the media also contribute to the easing of social conflicts and to promoting reconciliation among divergent social groups. Mass media and nation-building. Though he admitted that the press had long before it was assigned the role in the constitution, been resolute to monitor governance in the country, he was however of the belief that there is the need for a renewed bid by the body to fulfil this national obligation in this current political dispensation.


The press must not be politicized if it is to play its sophisticated role of nation building and promoting civil responsibility of citizen. Indeed the press in Nigeria has suffered violence and journalists have passed through the crucible of fire especially under military tyranny.

The Role of the Civil Society in Democratic Sustainance in Nigeria

The press is expected to maintain confidentiality and refrain from disclosing any information obtained in confidence. Civil society can further and improve good governance, first, by policy analysis and advocacy; second, by regulation and monitoring of state performance and the action and behavior of public officials; third, by building social capital and enabling citizens to identify and articulate their values, beliefs, civic norms and democratic practices; fourth, by mobilizing particular constituencies, particularly the vulnerable and marginalized sections of masses, to participate more fully in politics and public affairs; and fifth, by development work to improve the wellbeing of their own and other communities.

Jega has listed seven 7 recommendations to secure the independence of the civil society organisations in Nigeria. Foundations, Ferment, and Future. The end product been that civil societies are more likely to fight against themselves than against an oppressive regime.

It has a constitutional obligation to the Nigerian people to hold our leaders accountable to the people. On February 14thHon.

In this way, the media also contribute to the easing of social conflicts and to promoting reconciliation among divergent social groups. In Nigeria for instance, during the late 80s and early 90s intermittent prescription of the Nigerian Labour Congress and the academie staff union of universities ASUU as well as co-optation of their inducement has hampered the popular movement against military dictators.

John Halims Agoda, x-rayed the activities of the media in Nigeria, regretting that Nigerians have largely lost confidence in their leaders as a result of many years of military interregnum which featured insincerity on the part of military rulers, a situation which still pervades the rank and file of Nigerian democracy today.

Although, the proliferation of new types of non-governmental organization NGOs in recent times has raised expectation that democratic governance might thrive in Nigeria.

Abuja, Centre for Democratic studies. Government Leadership and Quality Education in Nigeria: He recalled with nolstagic feelings the patriotic roles of the press during the military era, affirming that the democracy that the nation currently witnesses would have continued to be an illusion if the press had not stood firm against military dictatorship with absolute sense of service and complete devotion to the course of redeeming Nigeria from pervading woes.

As the day to day running of the governmental affairs expands beyond the original or traditional scope of formal governance, civil society groups naturally emerged to act as the balance sheet of governance Urosky An accurate account requires detailed facts untainted by personal idiosyncrasies.

To underscore the influence and the indispensable role of the press in the development of Nigeria, section II of the constitution which spells out the roles of the press as the watchdog of the society was thoroughly digested by various authorities at the event.

Some people also finger the Nigerian press for escalating tension and instigating military intervention in politics: Ujo ; Understanding Election.


An attempt to correct the abnormalities of the colonial policies led to the emergence of various associational groups that later became political in nature.

While delivering his key note address as the chairman of the ocassion during the opening ceremony of the event, chairman, house committee on information, Hon.

Over and above these direct development roles, CSOs also have a very important advocacy role to play in promoting effective governance. The press exposes conspicuous cases of executive Role civil society democratic sustainance nigeria handedness, mismanagement and mal-performance.

International Journal of Communication, 3: Therefore, God swore by Himself to convince us that all He has promised is a done deal Hebrews 6: Several erudite scholars of political science has written and defined extensively the concept of election.

The period is also significant in that public perception was very robust as to the proposed reforms promised by the new civilian administration.

The Federal Government of Nigeria Civil Society And Democratic Governance in History As expressed above, civil society has played a great role in dislodging authoritarian regime and consolidating democratic ethos in world history.

If you have a covenant with God, you must believe in His resurrection ability. To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material, click here. In complex and well advanced democracies like U. I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but inform their discretion.

When you have a blood covenant relationship with God, your life is involved and your status changes dramatically Genesis This he said against the background of the fact that Nigerian society can turn over a new leaf, if only the press will consolidate on its resilient roles during the fight against the military rulers.

A power greater than God will have to first take Him out before His promises can fail to come to pass in your life Jeremiah A free press and media rank that can serve as powerful counter forces to corruption in public and private life.To this end, we recommend that the civil society can play their role in Nigerian democracy and be more effective if they maintain a high degree of independence from the government.

Keywords: Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Nigeria. Charles Rosenberg's portrait of George III, published Jean-Julien Deltil designed the paper for Zuber et Cie in civil society has been adopted as a veritable tool for achieving good governance.

This paper, therefore, attempts to carry out a thorough exposition of civil society organization vis- a- vis its transformatory role as an arbiter to redeem the Nigeria. ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS IN PARTICIPATORY AND ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNANCE 3 “Civil society is a sphere of social interaction between the household (family) and the state which is manifested in the norms of community cooperative, structures of voluntary.

The role of civil society in democratic sustenance in Nigeria is an indisputable fact of the nation democratic and developmental aspiration must be realized.

The installation of democratic governance was largely in part to civil society activities. To underscore the influence and the indispensable role of the press in the development of Nigeria, section II of the constitution which spells out the roles of the press as the watchdog of the.

Role civil society democratic sustainance nigeria
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