Causes of the second punic war essay

In the eight months in which Saguntum and Carthage were combating. This was not the case with Carthage. Hannibal was within his rights of both pacts when he attacked Saguntum.

In analysing the other modern beginnings. He was accompanied by his Hannibal who was only nine years old. He were able to produce vast quantities of precious metal to improve the depleted coffers of Carthage and perhaps his own private money. After many attacks, his troops stormed and destroyed the city's defenses by attacking them one at a time.

Yet it is because of the happenings of the First Punic Battle and the success in Spain distilled a hatred for Rome within the Carthaginian people and his son Hannibal who had grown up in the First Conflict. Polybius outlines three clear causes of the Second Punic war.

They were great traders and farmers and soon they had created a great city and they dominated large tracts of the coast of Northern Africa.

The Barcids in Spain Hannibal was a member of the powerful Barca clan, one of the most influential in Carthage. Examples of completed orders. The ruling clique appear to have dispatched Hamilcar upon this military campaign to re-establish Carthaginian control over Spain and overcome new place as well.

After he set out from Spain he crossed the Alps and advanced into Italy where he soon won a series of remarkable victories at the battles of Trebia, Lake Trasimene, and the Battle of Cannae. What Polybius was saying was that the events of the First Punic War and the success in Spain distilled a hatred for Rome in the Carthaginian people but more importantly his son Hannibal.

Taking his makes together with his son-in-law Hasdrubal and nine-year old Hannibal he set off to do this with maybe the guarantee of future revenge at heart. The Romans feared the Celts ever since. Polybius is a historian who gives very good accounts of occasions that resulted in the warfare, blaming the Carthaginians for creating the war yet it also increases a very large question that we turn to explore on this.

It is my belief that Polybius assumption was correct in a sense.

Second Punic War

The second factor, which Polybius tells us is the most important is the Roman seizure of Sardinia, while Carthage was still reeling form the result of the Mercenary Rebellion. Rome took advantage of their state of affairs and demanded Sardinia and monolithic insurances from Carthage.

Carthage felt that they were strong and powerful plenty to take on Rome. The adopted a strategy to contain Hannibal in Spain. By placing this hatred in the hearts and minds of the Carthaginian people and his son Hannibal this was the actual reason that led to the Second Punic War.

The capture of Saguntum was essential to Hannibal's plan.

Causes of the Second Punic War Essay Paper

If the Carthaginian Senate had been able to control the Barcid, a war between Hannibal and Rome could have been averted [17]. Frank mistakes Hannibal for the beginning of the war. The Senate or Assembly was controlled by a party that wanted peaceful co-existence with Rome and distrusted Hannibal.

Cicero wrote this a long time after Polybius. Polybius himself appears to think that "the success of the Carthaginian venture in Spain" was one of the sources of the next Punic War which Hamilcar who was simply angered by the results of the First Punic Warfare and the subsequent Roman actions of taking Sicily and Sardinia designed "using these resources to prepare for a warfare against Rome", many modern historians support this point of view.

The final reason that Polybius gives us is the fact that Carthaginian enterprise in to Spain was so successful. Rome was use to ending their wars in complete victory and absorbing the other warring state in to Rome itself. Polybius gives us three events that led to the Second Punic War, and none of these events actually involved Hannibal himself.

Also, after the defeat of Carthage in the First Punic War of BC Hamilcar might not have harboured motives of beginning further hostilities with Rome as he had led the initial peace negotiations with the Romans.

For these reasons Polybius tells us that Hamilcar Barca played an important role in bringing about the Second Punic War even though he died ten years before the actual war took place. Hannibal regarded Saguntum as key to his position in Spain.

The peacetime between the two wars was important in taking up to the 2nd Punic war. So from this we can say that yes Polybius was appropriate to state that Hamilcar was very likely a significant cause for contributing into Hannibal start the next Punic Battle.

The Causes Of The Second Punic War

Though past scores played a cardinal function.2nd Punic War Many people believe that the Second Punic War started as a result of Hannibal and the Carthaginians laying siege to the city of Saguntum, and crossing the river of Ebro going against the treaty from the First Punic War 3 / Essay on the Punic Wars The first Punic War lasted from BC.

Another factor which must be taken into consideration was the time between the First and Second Punic War and the seizure of Sardinia. Rome had annexed Sardinia by revisiting the terms of the treaty that ended the first Punic War.

During the first Punic war the Romans resulted victorious as well as in the second Punic war, yet this was the most important one since it lasted from to BC. These two wars resulted in an increased expansion of the Roman Empire.

In this essay I will look into the causes of the Second Punic War with the intention of backing up Polybius argument that the war on Saguntum was just the first incident and not a cause as Livy views it.

I will be doing this with close analysis of our ancient sources.

The Second Punic Conflict History Essay

The cause of the Second Punic War is an issue of some great debate. Polybius is someone who gives a very good account of the events that led to the war, blaming the Carthaginians for causing the war.

This raises a very large question on the part of Polybius/5(1). The Second Punic war “was the greatest and most unsafe one Rome was compelled to contend on their manner to the conquering of the Mediterranean. ” With 17 old ages of conflict doing heavy casualties to be suffered on both sides.

the Second Punic War has proven to be an of import clip period in.

Causes of the second punic war essay
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