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Implications to social work practice Conclusion Some similarities can be found when looking at Cognitive and Attachment theories.

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Thus Penn asserts that positive experiences in early life do not always make a child safe from later damage. Of these, 44 were juvenile thieves and had been referred to him because of their stealing. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 39, To test his hypothesis, he studied 44 adolescent juvenile delinquents in a child guidance clinic.

This may have lead to experimenter bias. Although some avoidant adults, often called fearfully-avoidant adults, are poorly adjusted despite their defensive nature, others, often called dismissing-avoidant adults, are able to use defensive strategies in an adaptive way.

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

They will try to cling on to the parent to stop them leaving. In other words, the same kinds of factors that facilitate exploration in children i. About this resource This Psychology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

Attachment Theory

For those left less than 90 days the effects could be reversed if placed in a normal environment where they could form attachments. He kept some this way for three months, some for six, some for nine and some for the first year of their lives.

Taking into consideration that the attachment observation was based on few minutes of behaviour can make it difficult to recognise relevant qualities of attachment. Stress, coping and development: As Thompson notes, failure to obtain enough information is an example of ineffective practice which can lead to biased decisions being made.

Development and Psychopathology, 4 03 They placed them in a cage with two wire mesh cylinders. There is now an increasing amount of research that suggests that adult romantic relationships function in ways that are similar to infant-caregiver relationships, with some noteworthy exceptions, of course.

Bowlby, cited in Beckett There have been many attacks on this claim: Their relationships are characterized by greater longevity, trust, commitment, and interdependence e.

However, Schaffer and Emerson found than fewer than half of the infants they studied had a primary attachment to the person who fed, clothed and bathed them. His experiments have been seen as unnecessarily cruel unethical and of limited value in attempting to understand the effects of deprivation on human infants.

According to Bowlby, this kind of process should promote continuity in attachment patterns over the life course, although it is possible that a person's attachment pattern will change if his or her relational experiences are inconsistent with his or her expectations.

Therefore, it is important that practitioners dismiss preconceived biases and stereotypical judgements but should develop anti oppressive ethos Thompson My attachment style as designated by the questionnaire was classified as "secure attachment.

Bowlby’s attachment theory Essay

Rutter stresses that the quality of the attachment bond is the most important factor, rather than just deprivation in the critical period. The theory also deals with the impact of separation and loss and explains their significance to emotional development and subsequent well being Howe Only 2 of the control group had experienced a prolonged separation in their first 5 years.

They view a caregiver as unpredictable, rejecting and violent at times. The behavioral theory of attachment would suggest that an infant would form an attachment with a carer that provides food. Many of the babies had several attachments by ten months old, including attachments to mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and neighbors.

Symposium on the contribution of current theories to an understanding of child development. Due to this and newly acquired motor skills, the infant now readily seeks the proximity to the caregiver. This same concept may not provide the same anxiety every child.

However, Keenan reported that it is a learning process for the child.John Bowlby: John Bowlby was the first psychologist who started an extended study on attachment. According to Bowlby's Attachment Theory, attachment is a. Bowlby's Attachment Theory Saul McLeod, published John Bowlby ( - ) was a psychoanalyst (like Freud) and believed that mental health and behavioral problems could be attributed to early Saul Mcleod.

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John Bowlby's Attachment Theory Essay Words | 9 Pages. John Bowlby’s attachment theory established that an infant’s earliest relationship with their primary caregiver or mother shaped their later development and characterized their human life, “from the cradle to the grave” (Bowlby,p.

). In the mid ’s to the mid 60’s, the ethologically-based theory emerged through Bowlby’s series of papers on attachment, separation anxiety, anger, grief and mourning (Ainsworth & Bowlby, ). Free Essay: John Bowlby’s Theory Attachment is a strong and emotional bond that develops over time between two individuals that is reciprocal.


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This essay will describe and evaluate Bowlby’s theory of attachment and maternal deprivation hypothesis. The essay will describe the two theories, weighing up the strengths and the weaknesses. It will include supporting research by Shaffer and Emerson, Ainsworth and Harlow, along with criticisms by Rutter.

Bowlby attachment theory essay
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