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Describes all assumptions, limitations, weaknesses, and uncertainties that could potentially have a material impact on consolidated results or material loss or revenue estimates. Even if you appendix of supporting documents business plan want to present the plan itself to a group of strangers since it may contain proprietary business ideas, getting practice speaking on other topics will still help you.

Describes key methodologies and assumptions for performing stress testing on the BHC's portfolios, business, and exposures. If BHC selects "Other," it will be prompted to provide a description of the submission.

Regardless of the format you choose, always place the appendix at the end of the plan. Overall, a professional editor will make the plan more readable and make sure your message is presented clearly and concisely.

The documentation should include the design, theory, and logic underlying the methodology and any available empirical support.

Supporting Documents in Your Business Plan

The documents in an appendix do not provide new material, but instead provide details that help substantiate and support the facts presented in the plan. As a result, provide the information only on a discretionary basis.

Sponsor guidance appendix A: supporting documents for sponsor applications

If they are, thoroughly block out Social Security and business tax ID numbers. Most business plans average 20 to 35 pages without an appendix. Your plan can serve as a roadmap for your internal planning purposes only, it can be a recruitment tool for employees or investors, or it can support a request for funding from a financial institution.

The Plan About the Author Writing professionally sinceCharmayne Smith focuses on corporate materials such as training manuals, business plans, grant applications and technical manuals.

What Supporting Documents Should You Attach to Your Business Plan?

This template has been provided as a model to help you construct your own business plan. By when will you be able to repay the loan or implement an exit strategy for investors? It includes supplemental information that supports the main sections of your business plan.

Your appendix could also include letters of reference from individuals familiar with your business performance, such as former bosses and high-level co-workers; additional details from your market research; legal documents such as your business license, articles of incorporation, and the lease or purchase agreement for the building you will operate out of, and more.

Use The number of people who read your business plan may go far beyond the few individuals you hand it to, making it important that you keep confidential information that appears in an appendix out of the wrong hands.

The table of contents provides a quick overview of the documents contained in the appendix. In most cases, the financial information is the last section. These individuals and companies use the supporting information to determine whether they will approve your application.

Additional illustrations of your products, samples of marketing materials, and any marketing studies also go in this section. But first, you may want to take some time to clear your mind. However, if your supporting document or appendix section is large, consider adding a content list at the beginning to help the reader to locate quickly the document in question.

For submission type, categorize all documents as "Capital plan narrative. Not all plans require this detailed a level of documentation. The page also helps readers quickly access the information they need most, especially if you number the documents and show the corresponding numbers in the table of contents.

Include contact information for your advisors, including attorneys, accountants and creditors. The Written Business Plan Presentation Once you've put together all of this key information, make sure to present your plan professionally.

The information is still contained in the plan, but it does not interfere with its reading. There is also flexibility in the order in which you present your plan, outside of putting the Title Page, Table of Contents and Executive Summary at the beginning, in that order, and the Appendix at the very end.

There is no limit to what you may include in this section. Reserve the appendix for information that supports the business financials, including tax returns, inventory estimates and personal and business credit history information.

Also use it for any general supporting documents that are longer than two pages, along with formal contracts, supporting pictures and market research information. Add a copy of any licenses as well as patent or trademark documentation. Better yet, hire a business plan consultant to give you a different perspective and offer suggestions for improvement.

In addition, banks, lenders, and other investors examine the information and financial documentation before deciding whether or not to finance a new business venture.

Finally, anything else you think is important enough to be part of the business plan but too cumbersome to include in the main document can go in the appendix.

What Is an Appendix in a Business Plan?

It further communicates your business idea in a professional manner. Present your information in a logical order, but be aware that financiers are likely to skip around and read the information in the order that best suits their purposes rather than reading the plan from cover to cover.

What Is an Appendix in a Business Plan?

If documentation does not fit one of the defined elements above, please choose "Other" and provide a description of the document in the "Other - define" field.The DoD must continue to reform its business practices, improve its business operations performance, and achieve efficiencies and effectiveness in order to achieve the Agency Strategic Plan’s (ASP) institutional reform goals to redirect resources to the direct support of combat.

Capital Cost Basis of Estimate Report • DRAFT Business Plan: Technical Supporting Documents 7. 1 Background and Context. The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is responsible for planning, designing, building and.

Business Financial Plan and Business Plan should also include the names of participants. Divider pages and appendices are optional and must be included in the page count. Reports must include a table of contents and page numbers. Appendix B: Supporting Documents Due to size constraints, the following supporting documents are available in the below listed file folders on the provided electronic copy of this plan.

Appendix P-3a: Integrated Design Process Supporting Information Business Plan and Strategic Plan for each Agency. Basis of Design (as coordinated with Design and Construction Commissioning Plan, see Appendix P-4a and P-4b) • The Basis of Design (BOD) is a narrative description of how the systems will be designed in order.

APPENDIX J: Glossary of Key Terms used in Conservation Business Planning . HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE This is a living document, check here for the latest version.

Appendix of supporting documents business plan
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